We closed on our San Antonio home today and are now officially homeless. I have moments of panic of what will come next. We extended our reservation at the extended stay hotel for four more weeks and pray we can find a home soon.

pic: Beautiful East Texas trees.

Gods Promises
The cross pictured at top of this post was given to me by a dear friend when I was diagnosed the first time. She was on vacation in Colorado when Keith called her to let her know I had cancer. She immediately took a walk down by a nearby creek and started to pray. At that moment she looked up and saw a rainbow. She felt God telling her I would be healed. Later that day while shopping, she came across this stained glass cross at a boutique. She brought back to me and told me the story behind it. I have kept this cross hanging in clear view ever since. When I feel uneasy I look at this beautiful symbol of God’s promises.

Pic: cozy in our home away from home.

We have been living in a new town in a hotel for several weeks now. Even though I am good at staying positive most of the time; some days I feel weary, anxious, and full of worry. We are having a difficult time finding a house. When I feel uneasy, I turn my focus on the fact that I have a place to stay, I have my husband by my side, I am healthy, I have a beautiful family. God is good and we have been blessed beyond measure. My situation is truly nothing to worry about. Taking one day at a time with a happy heart.

pic: Blooming Swedish Ivy.

God Hugs

Anytime I am going through a trial, I watch for small snippets of a kind word, a pretty sunset, butterfly, problem solved, or anything positive. I call these “God hugs”. A reminder and confirmation that He has all things in control. Today I noticed one of my favorite plants that we brought in to our hotel is blooming. Today this is my God hug.

pic: Our matching Texas Forever shirts from Magnolia.  100% proceeds to Harvey victims.

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