The Dash

The Dash

Many of us have heard of the analogy of “the dash”; but when you experience a loved one taken home, you think about it a lot more. My sweet mom in law, Lena went to Heaven and it was completely unexpected. She had already bought her plot and her name was engraved with her date of birth, the dash, and the blank area ready for her date of death. This is a thought-provoking analogy asking what you will do during  “your dash”.  Now it resonates a little closer to home.

Ecclesiastes 3

Ecclesiastes 3 talks about there being a time for everything.  A time to live and a time to die.  This is our time to live life to the fullest. Some days; and to be honest, most days, I say to myself that I do not want to go to work. But actually if I didn’t have a job to go to, I’d be depressed that I was unemployed.  It is so easy to become ungrateful and lose perspective.  I am guilty of getting caught up in what I think life should be like and feeling disappointed when it doesn’t quite measure up.  I want to do better.


This week marks a month since we lost Lena; and it has been a long stretch of grieving days.  We took a trip to Taos last week and went skiing for a few days.  It was so refreshing to get away and unplug. When we got back I immediately started dreading my return to work. I spent the day catching up on laundry, grocery shopping, and getting the house in order for Keith and I.  This is my favorite way to spend the day. Instead of stressing about going back to work, I consciously reset my attitude to enjoy the day, being thankful for my blessings and taking in the normalcy of a day at home.


Normalcy….what is that?  We have definitely been on an emotional roller coaster of ups and downs this past month and do not feel any normalcy. I want to deliberately celebrate life; along with what and who is here around me and live with the beautiful memories of Lena.  She will always be a part of our past, carrying her in the present, and will see her again in the future.


I am grateful for my God, my health, my husband, my daughters, my granddaughters, my mom, my dad, my sisters, and so much more.  These are my most prized possessions that I will cherish and enjoy on this side of my dash.  I started this blog almost a year ago not knowing what blogging was all about.  I quickly found out to be a “successful” blogger with many followers, it is a must to stay relevant and posting on topics you are a pro on.  Fashion, lifestyle, restaurants, exercise, and on and on.  I named my Blog Stage4runner because I love to run and am a stage 4 cancer survivor.  My story is my “dash” and am recording it for my granddaughters!  ❤❤❤❤❤❤…all 6 of them and that is “my success” that is all I need.


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Pamela Mcintosh

I love to run and run to stay healthy. After cancer, I started running more and run a half marathon every year. My philosophy is “It is me vs. me.” I try to avoid getting caught up on how fast my time is, but do wish I was faster. Most importantly, just thankful I am healthy.

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