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Hanging in There

We moved to a new town 6 weeks ago thinking we would be living in a hotel for a month. Now we are here after 6 weeks and still no place to move in to. We do have a contract on a house and if all goes well, we will move in 11/16. I am finding myself so anxious about the uncertainty, but I remind myself that we have many blessings. This weekend Keith and I went our separate ways for a few days. He was invited to go hunting and I drove to North Texas to visit the girls.

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Keith loves seeing the girls but I know he also loves to hunt and it is his way to unwind. Knowing he’s happy makes me happy. I was definitely excited to spend the weekend with the girls.  He needed this get away with a weekend in the woods hunting after all the stress of a new job. I had a meeting in Dallas all day Friday and left the work week behind and headed to Denton to meet the girls at Cartwright Ranchhouse for dinner. These girls giggle and play every minute they are together and it warms my heart

My Weekend

I spent the night at Rachel’s and went to Ruthie’s soccer game Saturday morning.

This little girl is all about soccer. She does not miss a beat and boys do not intimidate her. She’s a great balance of athlete and girly girl. She wanted to wear lipstick to the game. Rachel told her she could wear lipstick after the game to a birthday party if she made a goal. Well…she made a goal at kickoff. A girl with priorities. ❤️

That afternoon I headed to Molly’s and hung out with these four girls. They were so excited to see me and busy as bees playing, coloring, and excited for the Fall Festival. So fun to go to to the festival in the small town of Era where we lived for ten years. It is like a quaint town you may see on a Hallmark movie. The girls were so cute in their minion costumes and little Hazel was “their fluffy unicorn”. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

These sisters are so much fun. Love galore!!!  After a fun-filled morning, afternoon, and evening with my precious girls, I drove to Frisco to spend the night with my parents.

Always the Baby

After a busy weekend loving on my daughters and g-babies I drove to Frisco to stay the night with Mom and Dad. I am the baby of  the family and no matter how old I get, I am the baby. They worried about me driving after dark and were relieved when I knocked on the door. They were so happy to see me and I was so happy to see them. When my mom and I are together we laugh until we cry. Sometimes we don’t even know why we are laughing. Laughter is truly the best medicine. Sunday morning we went to church, followed by a yummy Mexican food lunch at Posados and then off to my niece’s wedding shower to celebrate her where I got to spend more time with family.


After all the festivities, I headed East to get back to Keith. We may not have a home yet but after being apart for a few days, I was reminded that Keith is my home. When I saw his face, that smile, those dimples, and smiling eyes; I knew I was “Home”. We will find our home with walls and a roof but as long as we are together, we are home.

Health First

It is time for my Colonoscopy. I thought we would surely be in a home by the date I scheduled my colonoscopy this coming Friday, but we are not. I am going to keep my appointment anyway. Health is important and there is always an excuse to cancel taking care of ourselves but postponing can result in being too late. I postponed my symptoms in 2007 and am blessed I was healed at stage 3 cancer; later to progress to Stage 4.  I will move forward with my procedure so I can get another clean report. I believe I am healed and every time I get a clear scope, CT, or tumor markers; it is just a reminder of how God has blessed me and I am forever thankful.

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Pamela Mcintosh

I love to run and run to stay healthy. After cancer, I started running more and run a half marathon every year. My philosophy is “It is me vs. me.” I try to avoid getting caught up on how fast my time is, but do wish I was faster. Most importantly, just thankful I am healthy.


  1. Kristin | 4th Nov 17

    I love reading your beautiful stories. I miss seeing your face as always you remain an inspiration to me.

    • Pamela Mcintosh | 4th Nov 17

      You made my day! I miss you! How’s your job and your new stage as mom with an empty nest. Much love!

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