Ready, Set, Stop

Friday, March 31st, I worked from home and was in deep thought all day about my upcoming Half Marathon on Sunday.  It was my top training speed I have ever had…until I pulled my glute muscle and then I got sick.  The last two weeks were spent barely making it through each day and squeezing in a few work outs.  I had worked up to 10 miles and decided that I was just going to do the best I could do.  The last couple weeks, I treated my body as a I should all the time.  Stretching throughout each day, a lot of water, clean eating, no alcohol and rest.  I was feeling better each day and getting excited about the day on Sunday.  Friday at the end of my work day, I hopped in the shower and dressed to go to dinner with our friends.  Keith got home and I was finishing up my make up in my bathroom when I heard a familiar voice say, “hey girl, whatcha’ doing?” I turned around and there stood my mom and sister that had driven in from Dallas to be there for my race!!  I could not believe it and was in heaven to have them there.  It was the sweetest thing to have them there to support me.  My mom celebrated her 80th in November and had some health issues that had us all worried about her well being.  She has been tough and rehabilitated after surgery like a champ.  Keith knew all week and kept the secret of them coming.  After the shock settled in, we headed out to dinner at Aldaco’s.   Again, all our guests have to have Mexican food when they visit us in San Antone.  We sat outside on the beautiful patio under the gnarly trees with their twisted trunks and branches shading us.  Everyone enjoyed Margaritas except me.  Water galore for me trying to stay hydrated and healthy.  We talked non-stop and as always when I am with my mom and sisters, a lot of laughing.  Saturday morning I enjoyed fixing a scrumptious brunch with bagels, omelets, fruit, turkey bacon, and a wide variety of imported cheeses, fresh squeezed orange juice…and a lot of coffee! Again, I was drinking water as fast as I could to get it down to stay hydrated.  We decided to go get pedicures and out for some shopping.  I love pedicures, but do not get one very often so this was a real treat and even better to sit next to my sister and chat while being pampered.  There is no relationship like a sister that grew up in the same house as you.  I am the baby of the family and no matter how old I get, that “baby” status never leaves and have to admit, I enjoy being called the baby sister.  After our spa pedicures, we went out shopping and then tried out the Local Coffee shop on the way home.  This is a new coffee shop that is right by my house and wanted to try out since they opened.  I will go back soon.  We were impressed with the atmosphere, service, and quality of the coffee. Look how cute the cream art is!

Back at home, our afternoon was spent laughing while I prepped for dinner and Keith grilled some meat to go with the salad and roasted veggies.  He made a batch of fresh Margaritas and they all toasted and I drank……water.  I am not complaining because I was in a mindset to be as strong as I could to run in the morning.  We binge watched a series that Keith and I have loved watching on FX called Baskets with Zach Galifianakis and Louie Anderson.  I guess this dark comedy is right up our alley and soon found out that my mom and sis were just as intrigued as we are.  We literally laughed until we could not catch our breath and our stomachs hurt.  Bedtime came too fast and off to bed to be ready to rise at 5:30 AM for my 7:20 AM race start time.  There was prediction of storms, but the race website showed the race would go on as planned.  When we woke up, I put my race number on, ate my planned breakfast and nervously (as always before my races) hurried out the door.  We were traveling down Highway 10 in the dark and the butterflies in my stomach were busy fluttering around.  When we approached the Alamodome we were cutting it close to get me to the start line in time.  I decided to hop out of the car while they parked and follow the other runners that were herding toward the larger crowd at the start line.  I started to get even more nervous and found my way to the runners and took a few pics and a selfie.  The energy from the crowd was getting me pumped up and excited to run.

I started talking to a few other runners around me and we were interrupted by the National Anthem.  Tears came like they always do when I hear this anthem and feel patriotism swelling up and the excitement to run the race.  Next, we waited.  It is not unusual for races to have a delayed start, but it was now 15 minutes past start time.  The MC came over the microphone and said they had talked to the local police, race committee, and the weather radar showed that it was too risky to let the runners out on the course.  I could not believe it!  I had been mentally preparing for weeks, my family had traveled to support me and it was CANCELED!!  There was no rain and I was ready to go.  I called Keith and met up with him and my mom and sis inside the Alamodome.  Keith had already found chairs and sat my mom up right in front of the finish line.  I was more than disappointed and sad for me and sad for my mom and sister that had come to town just for this event.  Several were staging crossing the finish line and taking pictures and making the best of situation that was out of our control.  I just looked at my sweet 80 year old mom and my precious sister that took time to travel to support me and decided this is all that matters.  Family is really all that matters. I am celebrating 10 years of surviving Stage 4 cancer and that is really what they are celebrating…my life…the miracle of God healing me and the fact that I am healthy enough to run.  So we took pics and enjoyed the atmosphere and then headed to the Pearl Historical District for our brunch. We got to the Pearl District and had two hours until our brunch reservation at The Boiler Room.

Our friends that were coming to also cheer for me came to meet us for brunch.  Their sweet daughter Lexi had made me a big 1st place medal to meet me at the finish line with.  With all this support and attention, I realized how lucky I am to have such a loving family and such precious friends that care about me so much.

We had a wonderful brunch with delicious food and mimosa’s….and most importantly, the best company that I could ever hope for.  Here is a pic of Lexi and me wearing the jumbo size medal she made me.  How sweet is she??!!

The Pearl Historical District is awesome and it turned out to be a beautiful day.  I was disappointed and at the same time an overwhelming feeling of gratitude, what is important and how blessed I am that I have family and friends that are there for me.  I will continue training, find a new race to sign up for and run my Half soon.  I am thankful for all the support for me and my love for running and the love that I feel for them is what fills my soul.  Thank you God for giving me strength and most of all for my family and friends.

About The Author

Pamela Mcintosh

I love to run and run to stay healthy. After cancer, I started running more and run a half marathon every year. My philosophy is “It is me vs. me.” I try to avoid getting caught up on how fast my time is, but do wish I was faster. Most importantly, just thankful I am healthy.