Nana’sLife March Visits – Part 2

This weekend was a back to back visit with our granddaughters.  Our oldest daughter and Ruthie came to spend the weekend while my son-in-law was out of town and we were so happy to have them. We started the weekend back at Tiago’s enjoying our Mexican Food meal…again, but you just can’t beat the food and service.  Next day we took Ruth to see Beauty in the Beast. Ruth is 3 years old and loves movies.  It was a little long for her, but she liked and just the hype of going to see it excited her.  I LOVED it…got teary a few times at the magical moments.  The Palladium in The Rim is a two story theater with bars, coffee, gelato, arcade, and Ruthie was wide-eyed and ready to experience it all.  After the movie it was back to the house for grilling and back porch time.

The weather in San Antonio is perfect in the Spring and hard to spend time in the house when we can sit outside and relax.  Ruth is a mommy’s girl and her favorite is spot is by Rachel’s side. 

We woke up on Saturday morning and headed off to the Home Store to shop for some new decor for my house.  My living room has been years of hodge podge and been wanting something new and fresh.  Most of my house is Farmhouse feel and wanted to add a splash of a different feel to this room.  We found gold/mirrored end tables for $69 a piece and they had so many fun nick-knacks with matching lamps.  Oh, and the pillows…new throw pillows with some gold polka-dots.

I don’t think Ruth was too impressed with shopping for home decor’.  When we got home, we decided to rest a bit, eat lunch and head back out to Roundup for the afternoon.  Ruth and all my granddaughters love spending time at Nana’s house, playing with all the Barbies and other toys I saved that were Rachel and Molly’s…Polly Pockets, My Little Ponies, Barbies, Horses…. I am so happy I saved these all these years.

All young mom’s should start a tote or two and save a few favorite toys.  Before you know it, you will be pulling these out of the attic for your grandchildren. It brings such joy to see them playing with the same toys that their moms did.  Rachel and Molly reminisce their childhood seeing all these vintage toys.

This week at Roundup Music Venue was Crawfish Fest.  I don’t much enjoy eating these critters, but Keith does and we had fun spending the afternoon enjoying the yummy food…sweet potato fries with maple syrup and powdered sugar, hot dogs and burgers for Ruth, and more playground time.  We asked Ruth what her favorite thing was about the day there and she said the playground, just like her cousins did last weekend.  The views of the Hill Country are breathtaking and takes you away from th hustle and bustle to enjoy this beautiful venue.

Again, this is so sweet to see how the spirit of the child soars on simple things in life and we can learn a lot from that.  I wish all my sweet girls could have been there together to play; which is always a party!  5 girls laughing and playing and it is my heaven.  We came back home before dark and gave Ruth a much needed bath.  The water turned brown and there was grass floating in the water!  She said it is just dirt from me!    🙂  My sweet girl was tucked in and snug as a bug at the foot of my bed and here comes that feeling back knowing they will be leaving tomorrow.  Today we got up and I fixed a big breakfast to give them full bellies for the drive home.  It is back to the empty nest and quiet.  Too quiet.  I miss all my girls everyday.  Next visit will be in April for Audree’s 6th birthday in North Texas.  Cannot believe she will be six.  Enjoy each moment.  Time flies, but memories last forever.

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