Nana’s Life March Visits – Part 1

The visits with our daughters and granddaughters are the most treasured days.  We moved away from North Texas in 2012 when our first granddaughter was 9 months old.  Now we have five that are ages 5, 4, 3, 2, and 8 months.  We go from one visit to the next gathering nuggets of making memories.  We go there or they come here to see us in the Hill Country.  This weekend our youngest, Molly, her husband Tyler, and Audree (5), Hallee (4), Ivy (2), and Hazel (8months) came to stay the weekend.  I get so excited for these visits and prepare by going grocery shopping for favorite foods and snacks and have new toys waiting for them when they arrive.  We have toddler blow up beds that the girls love.  They call them their “Frozen Beds” (they all have Frozen sheets on their beds).  The beds are big enough for two to a bed and Hazel sleeps in the playpen. We put these at the foot of our bed and it is such a cozy atmosphere.  I was the kind of mom that overly nurtured.  I enjoy taking care of girls growing up and now it is showered on my granddaughters.  I love a long day of playing outside, a big meal, bathing them in my big bathtub, clean jammies, story, and tucked in for the night. 

Then adult time with my daughters and son-in-laws on the back porch…laughing, talking, wine, games, and just soaking up being together.  This weekend we started Friday night with a night out for dinner at Tiago’s at the Rim.  Mexican food in San Antonio is a must!  After dinner, we walked over to Bass Pro to let the girls see the Aquarium.









Saturday the rain spoiled our plans for the San Antonio Zoo so we decided to try Top Golf.  My first time to go and loved it!  Grumpy enjoyed teaching the girls how to swing and hit the ball.


We came home and enjoyed bikes and playing outside, grilled burgers and headed out to Roundup, a kid friendly music venue in Boerne.  They have a playground that I took the girls to.  As they were swinging and giggling, they said “this is the best day ever”.  I am humbled by the innocence of children and how they can enjoy the simplest things in life and realize that we should be the same.

We left Roundup and headed back to the house and all the girls fell fast asleep in the car and were so tired, wanted to go straight to bed when we got home.  We had another adult night on the back porch relaxing.  It is always heavy on me knowing that the next day they are going home, but try to not be sad and just soak it all up.  When I get in the bed with my baby girls tucked in safe and warm at the foot of the bed, I go to sleep with a smile on my face.  I wake up hearing them whispering and giggling with each other.  As soon as they see me get up, the are so excited and we scurry out to the living room to start our new day.  Keith is the fun one that plays his guitar and cranks up the music and starts the “dance parties” and I am the one that has them sitting at the bar coloring, swapping stories while I cook.  He is the party animal and I am the calmer one.  This morning it was time to leave and Keith gets sad just like I do.  When we walk them out before they hit the road, we give kisses and hugs and then watch them drive off, waving and blowing kisses.  I always cry and Keith always tells me he is sorry.  After they leave, I spend the day doing laundry and walking around melancholy.  I usually go for a run since this is a release for me.  Right now I am training for a half so saved my long run for after they left.  During my run today, I reflect on the love, the memories, and the plans for the next visit.  Our other daughter and Ruthie will be here next weekend while my son-in-law is out of town.  So now, I will look forward to this…

It is so hard to live away from these precious girls, but am grabbing every minute I can soak up.

Time flies way too fast and each and every day we are together is precious.

Last, but not least I must include the baby of the group, Hazel.  She is so jovial and is pretty much the icing on the cake.  These rolls she has are so kissable, squeezable and I can smell her right now…miss them all so much.





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