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Moving is always chaotic and stressful. We were in a hotel for 2 months counting the days to settle in a home in this new East Texas town. Our purchase of the home we chose was quite a challenging process, but finally got the call from Julie, our realtor that our closing date was set. We had nine U-Haul pods delivered from San Antonio; full to the brim and we knew it would be a feat unloading all these. We hired a couple of young college kids to help with the heavy lifting. They worked all day along with Keith and I, unloading all 9 pods. We paid them at the end of the exhausting day and the house was filled with wall to wall boxes. I set up our bedroom while Keith set up the most important place, our back porch. We ordered burgers from Jucy’s (my new favorite veggie burger) and had our first meal on the back porch with a glass of celebratory wine. I tried to ignore the endless work ahead of me as we maneuvered through the maze of boxes to head to bed. I was asleep as my head hit the pillow…my pillow, in my bed, with my comforter that I had been missing for 2 months.

New Beginnings

We had lived in East Texas for two months, but had not sunk in that Longview, Texas was our new “hometown”. The culture in this East Texas town is quite a change. Whether it is at the grocery store, restaurant, hospital, mall; everywhere you go, you are treated with friendliness
and respect. Everyone says “yes mam, thank you, and please”. Don’t get me wrong, San Antonio is a friendly city, but this is as if you went back in time when people (strangers) took time to strike up a conversation, give compliments, and no one is in a hurry. It takes adjusting to slow down to this pace. There are no traffic jams, the drivers drive slower, and people take the time to get to know you. Now it is time to settle and enjoy our new beginnings.


Our biggest draw to move here is the fact that we are now only a little over 2 hours to our girls, my parents, sister, and extended family in the Dallas area. My mom in law is 3 1/2 hours the other direction in Little Rock along with Keith’s extended family. Family is everything and our favorite times are our visits. We moved in the weekend before Thanksgiving so it was a frenzy to unpack, set up the kitchen, and guest rooms for our first visitors for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Home for the Holidays

I absolutely love the holidays and Thanksgiving is the kickoff of the glorious season. Rachel, our oldest rotates with her in law’s family and this was the year she spent there. Molly and Tyler came with our four granddaughters. We picked up my my mom in law in Dallas where she flew in to for my niece’s wedding.

I worked day and night fixing up the rooms for all to have space to sleep and stocked the pantry with snacks and our Thanksgiving meal ingredients. The girls loved the new house; especially the big closet under the stairs with all their toys. We spent most of our days outside swinging, riding bikes, exploring, walking on the trail, and a visit to beautiful Jefferson Texas for lunch and a stroll downtown. I soaked in this visit and think it made our new house feel like home now that they’re laughter, chatter, singing, and playing filled these walls. The last night we put up the Christmas tree and they were so proud of their work. My tree is filled with all the ornaments I have collected for 32 years; including hand made ones from my girls, the granddaughters, and special gifts. I don’t have a theme or color scheme that is fancy. I was looking at it the next evening after they left and realized it does have a theme…Love. Christmas is all about Gods love so really it is the perfect theme.

Happy Thanksgiving and ‘Tis the season to be Merry and Bright.


Blog post up on our recent move and pics of our Thanksgiving in our new home. 🏡 🦃 🍁 ❤️ (link in profile:
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