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Christmas Traditions

Christmas traditions are precious nuggets of the holiday that bring such joy to families.  The traditions I did with my girls are now things they do with their girls and that makes me so happy. Christmas cookies, Christmas jammies on Christmas Eve, decorating the tree and remembering each ornament made or gifted to us. There is one tradition that started when my girls were about 10 and 4 and don’t know what even gave me the idea.  I put a fancy tablecloth on a small table and gave them bread and grape juice in real glasses. I read the Bible story and explained the true meaning of communion  to them. They ate bread and drank juice and loved the lesson.  Next year we did it on Christmas Eve with Keith and was a new tradition that continues to this day.  The grandkids, our girls, son in laws, Keith and I now do it together every year.  I have a few stories I like to tell that paint the true meaning of Christmas that are great for kids.  Today I have laryngitis and decided to document it in my blog for one of my daughters to read.

Christmas Story Analogy

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Sally that lived on a farm.  On Christmas Eve there was a prediction that it would be colder than ever before with a lot of snow on the way.  Sally was so excited to see what Santa would bring and to see a White Christmas.  At dusk she looked out the window and noticed all the baby chicks were running around out in the yard, out of the warm barn her dad had fixed up with heaters for the animals.  She cried to her dad that all the baby chicks would die in the cold.

Sally’s dad told her he would take care of them.  He ran outside and started to stoop down and spread his arms like wings and walk back and forth gathering the chicks and leading them back to the barn with the mother hen.  They all made it in safely away from harm.

That night Sally’s dad read the Christmas story out of the Bible and thought of the perfect way to explain it to Sally.  He explained that the little chicks are just like us down on earth.  We were lost in sin and were unable to be good by ourself and needed a savior.  He decided to send His Son, Jesus. He came down from Heaven to Earth as a baby and grew up and lived here to teach us how to live so we can live happier and know how we are supposed to treat each other with love and kindness.  He came as a man so he could talk and teach us just like Sally’s dad acted like a bird to teach the baby chicks how to get safe in the barn.  Christ came to save the world so we can be safe in His grace.

Christ was a sacrifice for us because God loves us so much.  He found a way to communicate with us so that we can understand His Love.

Merry Christmas!!

Christmas 2017

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