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We moved away from family in 2012 and it tore a little piece of my heart. Our oldest granddaughter, Audree was 9 months old at the time and four more sweet granddaughters have been born all stair stepped in age since. (Audree 6, Hallee 4, Ruth 3, Ivy 2, and Hazel 1) I love their visits and count the days in between. We have also enjoyed hosting many other family and friends in our home. I must say one advantage of being away is that the visits are so much more intimate with 24/7 togetherness with our guests.  Mornings and coffee talk along with late nights on the back porch around the fire.

I absolutely love taking care of others. It feeds my soul to nurture and spoil my family and friends. Keith’s role compliments mine in that he is the entertainer. He offers to fix them a special drink, make them comfortable on the back porch, and always making everyone laugh.

Throughout these years of hosting many overnight guests, I have developed some fun perks to make their stay comfy and homey. My dream job would be to have a bed and breakfast. For now I make our home a bed and breakfast for each of our guests.

  • Fresh Linens
  • Guest Room
  • Yummy Snacks
  • Reading Pleasure
  • Make Me Beautiful 
  • Comfort Food
  • My Favorite Guests



A day or two before my guests arrive, I wash all the sheets, duvet covers, guest towels with my favorite detergent; HEB’s Bravo Plus Baby Detergent. It smells heavenly. I personally sleep so much better on fresh sheets and nothing like a fluffy fresh towel after a bath or shower.  Along with the fresh linens, I keep a basket of blankets in the room to keep our guests warm if they get cold at night.



My family sleeps with a fan to sleep and when I travel, it is hard to sleep when it’s too quiet. I keep a fan in each guest room and tell our guest it’s there if they wish to use it. We have ceiling fans too, but don’t get that good ole’ white noise. Just a quirk of mine, so I guess I think everyone needs to sleep with some white noise.  Fresh flowers on the vanity adds a special touch.  I’m a sucker for fresh flowers and think they bring a warm feeling to the room; bringing a little outdoors inside.  Sometimes if I forget to buy flowers, I clip some of my Lavender, Rosemary , and some blooms from a plant out back.  These look lovely in a Mason jar.


I keep a basket on the dresser in the closet with some salty and some sweet snacks, along with another basket of bottled water. If I know what our guest’s favorite candy or snack is, that will be tucked away in the basket. I have a sweet tooth and sometimes I want a snack at night and don’t want to ask or go raid the kitchen when I’m the guest.  One of our recent guests is a foodie and likes new tastes.  Since we live in San Antonio, I had several different authentic Mexican candies to taste.



Our office has a book shelf with a wide array of classic books and I have a Nook with several books for our guests to read. I also keep a basket of home decor, gossip, fashion, magazines by the bed.




In the bathroom I keep plenty of wash rags, face wash, toothpaste, hotel size shampoo, body wash, lotion, and conditioner. Under the sink I keep a hairdryer, hairspray, extra toothbrushes, and razors.  If they forget something, they should be covered.




The day our guests are going home, I fix an extra big breakfast of pure Southern comfort food; eggs, bacon, buttermilk biscuits, gravy to name a few. I fix a “to go” bag of snacks to take for the ride home and tell them to take their leftover snacks with them too.

With all that said, I sound like I am an over powering, smothering host, but I am not. All these comforts I named are just there for them to feel at home, comfortable, and have what they need.  We live in San Antonio and for some we are “home base” to stay while visiting all the tourist sites.  Our friends and family that are here to hang out with us enjoy trips with us to the wineries, hiking, Riverwalk, shopping, and always Mexican Food!  I think the easiest tip of being a good host is to treat the guests how you want to be treated; aka golden rule.  Pretty much covers how we should act in every way.


My favorite guests are my five granddaughters.  We have so much fun. I have 4 toddler blow up beds and sets of Frozen sheets.  These sweet girls sleep in our room and it is one big slumber party!  Baby Hazel is still in the playpen for now.  They love playing with all the “vintage” toys; barbies, Polly Pockets, My Little Pony’s, and playing dress up.  We play outside during the day, go on walks, swimming, Sea World, baking cookies, and a lot of artwork.  They all pile in to my garden tub after a long day, and then story time.  These are the best of times and I soak in every minute


Now here are my favorite guests!

📷 Be Out Guest Sign credits to Etsy/Evergreen Design signs.

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